2018 pageant

7th Annual Baltimore Deviled Egg Pageant

The 7th Annual Baltimore Deviled Egg Pageant was held at Single Carrot Theatre on Sunday, September 16, 2018. All proceeds were donated to the Single Carrot Theatre.

The Big Winners!

Judges' Choice - Best Canned Meat Product

Hawaiian Scotch Deviled Eggs by Jimmy Bonner

Judges' Choice - Best Seussical Egg

Green Eggs and Ham by Joy Sushinsky

Judges' Choice - Best Presentation

I Got Curried Away by Mickey Dehn

Judges' Choice - Best Classic Egg

These Are My Mom's Eggs by Sam Green

Judges' Choice - Best Rich Bitch

Rich Bitch Eggs by Jenny Young

Best Meaty

Umi no Tamago by Brendan Dorr

Best Meatless

Everything Beggles by Ann Marie

Best Not-an-Egg

Banh Beo Hue (Shrimp Steamed Rice Cake) by Phong Le

Audience Choice

Chilaquil-eggs by Nicole Runde

Best Egg in Show...

With multiple types of roe and caviar to knock our socks off... Umi no Tamago by Brendan Dorr!

Best Egg in Show winner Brendan Dorr.Photo: Meghan Stanton Ziccardi
The Best Egg in Show, Umi no Tamago.Photo: Brendan Dorr


Thank you to Allen Irwin for donating his time and talents to photograph this event. See the full photo album.